Precepts for startup managers

During the debate "Get Inspired: Startup as an accelerator and a tool facilitating entrepreneurship of the young " in Krynica - Zdroj young leaders had the opportunity to learn how the Polish state supports young entrepreneurs, and how to employ the so- called " startup tourism" in the most sensible way.

Michał Bańka of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development listed the opportunities of getting support for startups in Poland. He noted that Poland is a sandbox of startups, and the so called fashion for startups is a widespread phenomenon. He said that PAED's (PARP) activity is also significant in this area.

In his opinion the Loan Fund, whose loans are granted subject to the acquisition of an investor, is an effective support for startups. It allows young entrepreneurs to develop the ability to build business relationships and "sell" good ideas.

Andrzej Targosz, a businessman, the president of PROIDEA SA, included the development of this skill on his recommendation list - A good entrepreneur should have a well-organized network of contacts, he said. "Startup tourism" meaning participation in conferences and events dedicated to startups, is one of the ways to establish and develop a network of relationships. As he emphasizes, it is necessary to change the way of appreciating relations with partners in order to be well prepared for every event. Do not calculate "how I can benefit from that" but rather "how I can help " - he said. – "Put yourself the shade of your interlocutors for a moment, and I assure you that you will build long-term relationships - he argued. He also stressed the importance of creativity, planning results and adjusting ways of presenting business ideas to the culture of the country and region of your recipients.