How much knowledge in success?

Andrzej Czerwiński, the Minister of Treasury of the Republic of Poland, Stanisław Gągała, the President of the Management Board of Gold Drop Poland, Zbigniew Konieczek, the President of the Management Board of NEWAG S.A., Krystian Wolak, the founder of Event Experience, Grażyna Sukiennik, a graduate of the Academy of Science - Technology and Artur Racicki, the founder and the President of the Management Board of Social Wi-Fi sp. z o.o. participated in the debate

During the debate, entrepreneurs and politicians disputed over the factors contributing to the success of the young in the future. Andrzej Czerwinski, the Minister of Treasury, said that, first of all, you need to know what your expectations in life are, what you aspire for.

People whose businesses are remarkably and spectacularly successful comprise a few percent of the society but one hundred percent people should be happy. The most important thing is to know your place in life and just be happy and satisfied- he added.

In the opinion of the President NEWAG SA Zbigniew Konieczka education is important, but very hard work, vision and the pursuit of your objectives are more important. You have to specify very clearly the goal that you want to achieve.