How to make Europe more competitive in the contemporary world?

During the discussion on competitive Europe in the modern world Barbara Contini, an Italian senator and the President of Italian-American Foundation said that Europe will be united and competitive provided we mutually do something for the future. "A few decades ago, I started like many of you: I left my little Italian town and went abroad. Today I know that we, and especially you, must have the courage, your fathers lacked - she added.

Hans Timmer, the chief economist of the World Bank said that Erasmus program proved to be a great success in Europe. It made university education and mobility universal and widespread.

We fool the young, there is a clear way into the future - said Maria Wasiak , the Minister of Infrastructure and Development. – This world is unpredictable. We cannot tell the young what the world will be like in twenty years but we can prepare them so that they can cope in the future- she added. The Polish minister pointed that the government are now focusing on promoting life science and technical degree courses because they are more promising and competitive.

We need to change our "European dream", moving away from the dreams of security and prosperity and going towards risk, dynamism and challenge - said the former Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius.